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Lindsay Jane Hunter is a therapeutic arts and drama practitioner based in Coventry who is passionate about facilitating opportunities to be creative and build connections. 

She works across the West Midlands, delivering workshops and visiting schools and settings to engage children, young people, families and professionals in play, exploration, learning, drama, bonding and attachment, reflection and wellbeing experiences. 

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About Lindsay


Lindsay is an energetic and dynamic facilitator and trainer with an empathetic and authentic persona. She creates safe, supportive spaces which lend themselves to development, reflection, creative process and connection.

Lindsay uses drama and the arts to engage with children and young people - in groups, schools and settings or in direct one to one work. Lindsay supports parents, professionals and settings to develop their understand of attachment and to build confidence and skill sets in being able to work effectively with children and families.

Drama Facilitator - Educational Consultant & Trainer - Therapeutic Arts Practitioner - Parenting Advocate



Lindsay has over 15 years experience working with children and families, 

over 10 years experience in drama and arts facilitation 

and has spent more than 7 years supporting and empowering  families. 

Lindsay has been delivering training and development workshops for around a decade. 

Lindsay has a degree in Childhood, Culture and Education (BAhons) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Arts.



Lindsay Jane Hunter is passionate about connection and creativity. 

She believes in the power of the arts and play to facilitate the building of strong bonds and attachments.

Lindsay believes that children deserve our love, respect and understanding. She believes that parents and professionals deserve to be informed so that they can do their best for the children in their lives. 


Drama and Creativity


Drama Facilitation | Creativity for Early Years

Therapeutic Arts


Art | Sand | Clay | Puppets | Stories

Parenting and Attachment


Support for Families | Parenting Programmes 



Schools | Settings | Parents and Carers



"I’ve never seen Frankie so engaged"

"The highlight for us was when Frankie did pirate training with Lindsay Brown (Hunter)...

Using no props or costumes, she encouraged the children to go on a voyage of imagination that they led themselves, pulling imaginary swords out of their pockets, building huge imaginary boats to sail the seven seas and battling imaginary crocodiles.

I’ve never seen Frankie so engaged and so bold in joining in with others. And when the youngsters offered to share their imaginary treasure at the end, it made us mums want to cry."

"Really think that the children are different now..."

"The way I perceive things has changed"

"Love the connection I have with my child now"

"Really think that the children are different now"

"Help my child to regulate"

"Feel more positive about myself as a parent"

"See beyond their behaviour"

Parent feedback - 'Understanding Your Child's Behaviour' Course, 2018

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Lindsay Jane Hunter